We had to sell our Extra in the autumn of 2018. We may be back in the future with another aircraft. In the meantime you can enjoy some of our nice videos!

The EXTRA 300S is a single seat, low-wing high performance aerobatic aircraft. It's structure is mainly built from steel tubing and carbon fiber allowing the aircraft to withstand positive and negative loads of up to 10 G's.
Driving all this to more than 400 km/hour is a six-cylinder 300 horsepower Lycoming engine with a four-bladed propeller.

To reduce environmental noise below 74dB the aircraft is equipped with a special exhaust system and the before mentioned four-bladed propeller.


3-view drawing

Engine power
300 Hp
Propeller 4 blade constant speed
Max. speed Vne  220 kts= 407 km/h
Roll rate More than 400°/s
Max. rate of climb 3200 feet/min = 1000m/min
Empty weight 610 kg
Max. weight 920 kg
Range 500 NM = 925 km
Endurance 3,5 hrs
Min. take/off distance
100 meters
Lenght 6,65 meters
Wing span 7,50 meters
Height 2,62 meters