We had to sell our Extra in the autumn of 2018. We may be back in the future with another aircraft. In the meantime you can enjoy some of our nice videos!

René or Ringo can provide a thrilling display at your airshow. Both have an Unlimited aerobatics display rating with a minimum aerobatic altitude of 200ft and minimum low pass of 50ft.

If you are having the show at an airfield, the display starts right at take off for maximum effect. Otherwise, expect a spectacular high speed entry.

The display is flown with smoke and consists of:

  • Flat spins
  • Tail slides
  • Very fast rolling
  • Tumbles, including Ruade, Lomcevak and Shoulder Roll
  • Hammerheads
  • Low passes in all attitudes
  • Spectacular fast attitude changes
  • etc...

Below you can find a video of the 2015 Oostwold Airshow opening act display.

For more photos and videos, have a look at the Photo and Video sections.